Updated: 12/18/2019
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  • 1865: 13th Amendment Abolishes slavery!
  • --The Reconstruction Era in the Eyes of a Former Slave -- 1865-1877
  • Thank you Lord for all of those who advocated for rights of African Americans and the Freedman's Bureau so we can get on our feet with land and food! I can't believe Lincoln was shot!
  • With the Freedmen's Bureau, as freed slaves, my husband and I can own land, get help with food, and other things so we can become more independent! I hope this lasts!! It seems too good to be true!
  • I'm supposed to be a symbol of freedom for everyone in this country...
  • What?!! They shouldn't have freedom!
  • Lincoln's plan sounds crazy! offering pardons to Confederates who swear allegiance to the Union and Constitution!? Wow
  • Reconstruction: Rebuilding of the South after the Civil War
  • Johnson's approach is leading to Black Codes! They are basically regulating whatever they want down South and still taking power from ex slaves.
  • 1868: Here here! The 14th Amendment is now added to the Constitution which now says all African Americans are citizens and protected equally by law!
  • Forget Johnson's ideas! Congress can handle it!!
  • Johnson is too easy on the South!
  • Must be nice to be able to vote! At least my husband can vote even if I can't as a woman ! I wish something would be done about the Klu Klux Klan and the Knights of the White Camellia terrorizing us these past few years just because of the color of our skin!
  • 1870: Another Amendment is passed!
  • It's nice to see some fellow African Americans serving in political offices! It feels so good to be reunited with our kin who were separated years ago!
  • I'm glad Johnson was impeached! We may not have gotten this far with Civil Rights!
  • Thanks to the 15th Amendment, all males can vote no matter what their skin color!! I can vote!! We still have a long road ahead, but there's progress...
  • Lincoln's 10% Plan?? OR The hopeful plan of the Radical Republicans:Revenge! Concern for the freedmen! Republican Power!! OR Johnson's Plan of giving the South power to regulate transition as they see fit?? Let's let Congress discuss...
  • I sure worry about the angry white folk though! They don't want us to have any rights!
  • The Freedman's Bureau agents being subjected to violence by white southerners is enough! We need consistency in that program! Building schools, hospitals, helping ex-slaves legalize their natural right to a happy life and do things like legally marry is progress!
  • The end of Reconstruction is coming our way as the year 1877 approaches... soon Jim Crow laws separating us from whites in all public spaces will be upon us for quite some time. Let's hope for strength in numbers and a peaceful approach to positive change and Civil Rights and equality for all!
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