Story of Easter.
Updated: 4/6/2021
Story of Easter.

Storyboard Text

  • I'm Gods son Jesus and a famous teacher who wanted to make Christiansbelieve in God.
  • This angered the romans because, they believed in all different Gods. The punished Jesus by sentencing him to deth.
  • Good Friday! The Romans put Jesus on a cross. to die. They pinned him and nailed his hands into the wood. It is called crucifixion.
  • Jesus body was put into a tomb and a humongous stone was rolled in front of the tomb. Marry his good friend was there.
  • Marry and her two friends came to the tomb-cave on Sunday and found that the the stone had been moved and Jesus's body wasn't there anymore.
  • Marry
  • Easter Sunday! Marry and her two other friends found Jesus and the he had rosin from the death!She was so happy to see what she was seeing and said. 'Thankyou God'!