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Semester Exam
Updated: 12/4/2018
Semester Exam
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  • Once upon a time, there were two people that were friends. The boy's name was George and the girl's name was Vuslat.
  • They had one problem, they had a triangle and they needed to measure it. They wanted to see if its able to fit in George's room.
  • So we know a right triangle is made of hypotenuse and two sides, in order to calculate the hypotenuse we divide the two sides together.
  • In order to calculate the hypotnuse , you use the Pythagorean theorem which is side 1^2 + side 2^2 = Hypotenuse ^2
  • We need to calculate the sine for the triangle and we can do that through doing that through dividing side y by hypotenuse. 
  • So if side y is 4 and hypotenuse is 5 then sine is 0.8. 
  • We need to calculate the cosine of the triangle. To do that we must divide the adjacent by the hypotenuse.
  • So if side x is 2 and hypotenuse is 5 it means the cosine equals 0.4.
  • Now finally in order to calculate the tangent you must divide the adjacent side with opposite side.
  • So if since side x is 4 and side y is 2, then the tangent will be 2 we finally measured the triangle!
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