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Dropped on an Island
Updated: 9/22/2019
Dropped on an Island
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  • "Ralph." 
  • "Hi! What's your name?"
  • In the midst of war, an evacuation plane carrying a group of English boys was shot down over the ocean and crash landed on a thick forest on an island.
  • "Kill the pig! Cut it's throat! Spill it's blood!!"
  • A chubby boy wearing glasses encounters another boy dropped on the island who says his name is Ralph. They find a pink conch shell and blow it to summon other boys on the island.
  • A generous group of boys arrives differing in age, some very little, and they decide to elect a leader. Ralph is chosen over a mean and rude choir leader, Jack, who is very sore until Ralph deems him the leader of the hunters for the group.
  • "He says there is a beast, and it comes out of the sea"
  • Jack, as leader of the hunters, only cares about killing and hunting. He kills a pig for the first time and brags about it like it is his greatest accomplishment. The hunters get very aggressive and start a terrible chant.
  • The fire goes out because Jack and his hunters were too consumed in killing the pig that they don't even care. Ralph gets furious and calls for a meeting to discuss the major goals and wrongdoings of the islanders.
  • Ralph is upset about the fire going out and during the meeting discussing the fire, Percival says he's seen the beastie again. Ralph tries to keep everyone from worrying, but he gets overly stressed and tells Piggy he doesn't want to be the leader anymore, but later we find out he stays in his position.
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