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Alien Takeover!
Updated: 12/4/2018
Alien Takeover!
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Storyboard Description

Pre-Calculus project involving an alien and his partner struggling with a riddle until they are able to solve it using the help of someone who knew exactly what to do in this situation, using the Vertical Line Test to determine whether a certain figure was a function or not.

Storyboard Text

  • The robot hands the aliens a piece of paper with a drawing on it, with a single straight line drawn on it.
  • "How are we supposed to get this thing working and get to that planet in the distance?!"
  • "There is an emergency escape pod capable of going there we can use, no?"
  • "What?! That's a pretty brilliant idea! I should've thought of that from the beginning, good work, partner!"
  • "Very well then, I shall head off to that planet with the escape pod to ask the lifeforms there for help!"
  • After using the escape pod to reach Earth, the alien reached a neighbourhood nearby to ask for help...
  • "Greetings! Urh.. I come in peace..! I only come to ask for help, please help..!"
  • "Yo, what's up? Oh, you need help with something? Sure, go ahead and ask! But nothing too crazy, alright?"
  • The Alien hands this boy a piece of paper with a drawing on it in utter confusion.
  • "Oh, that's easy! Just draw a line from the top of the paper and till the bottom; If there's 1 intersection in that drawing, you got yourself a function! If it's more than 2, then it ain't a function, pal."
  • "I need to know the answer to this riddle! "Is this a function or not? Use the Vertical Line Test."What even is a vertical line?!"
  • Full of glee, the alien drew a line and noticed that the drawing on the paper is indeed a function!
  • "Thank you so much! Now I may further my colonization of the galaxy! Fuhaha! Fuhaha!"
  • "Anytime, and whatever you say, dude. Nice Halloween costume by the way!... Even though you missed that holiday by a mile, haha!"
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