Mehmet II timeline
Updated: 1/25/2020
Mehmet II timeline
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  • Mehmet II's birth
  • Murad Look at how cute he is!
  • He is very cute, Let's name him Mehmet.
  • The Abdication
  • Son, welcome to your throne.
  • Thanks Dad, You'll not regret this!
  • The Fall of Constantinople
  • Let's Attack them!
  • Mehmet II was born in March 30 1432, in Edirne, Turkey.
  • The Night Attack
  • After Murad II made peace with the Karamanids in Anatolia in August 1444, he abdicated the throne to his 12-year-old son Mehmet II.
  • The First Ottoman–Venetian War
  • The Fall of Constantinople was the capture of the capital city of the Byzantine Empire by an invading Ottoman army on 29 May 1453.
  • His Death
  • Goodbye
  • On June 17th, 1462, the Ottoman empire was attacked by the Wallachian empire at night, This all started when Vlad the 3rd refused to pay the jitza to the Sultan, the result was atactical Wallachian victory but they failed to assassinate Mehmet II. 
  • The First Ottoman–Venetian War happened in 1463 and lasted till 1479, it resulted in the victory of the ottomans and the capture of Negroponte, Lemnos and Albania by the ottomans.
  • On May 3rd, 1481, Mehmet the 2nd Died, the cause of his death : illness.
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