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Storyboard Text

  • Finally, the ugly monster is defeated now. Denmark will now live in peace from Grendel and the tribble sea-hag.
  • Beowulf showed king Hrothgar the treasures they found, and more importantly grendels horrible head.
  • Hrothgar and Beowulf sat and ate, but Hrothgar did not forget to give Beowulf the gifts he gave him jewellery, horses, and more.
  • Beowulf and his warriors put their armour on and went on the journey home. They sailed and sailed till they finally were there.
  • Beowulf and the others get out of the boat and returned to their home. The coast guards helped them carry all the treasures and jewellery
  • Beowulf told the story in the magnificent mead-hall to his king Hygelac. Everyone was impressed by how interesting his story was.
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