Updated: 6/29/2020

Storyboard Description

"Masang King" The Durian from Raub , Malaysia

Storyboard Text

  • "Musang King" has become the main Durian attraction compared to other Durian in Mlaysia. The Farm owner have over 40 years experience in Durian plantation.
  • To ensure the fruits are in the condition that fit to export requirement , the farmers set-up the net to ensure durian do not hit the ground. In terms of quality and taste "Musang King" definately the best.
  • Raub, Malaysia has the best geographical and weather condition that meet the requirement of planting "Musang King". Beside that,with ideal temperature and landscape , its able increase the production.
  • The new technologies of freezing which is to cold the durian by using nitrogen.
  • This would help to protect the taste profile, the moisture ,the smell as good as the original durian.
  • Now, they able to bring the "Musang king" name to China, truly appreciate this effort by our country leader and "Musang King" will demand to be a better in China market.