Salem Witch Trials... P.a.r.t. @><@ 2
Updated: 1/8/2020
Salem Witch Trials... P.a.r.t. @><@ 2
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  • Another idea that is often considered is the feelings of hostility and jealousy between Salem Town and Salem Village. The border between the two regions separated the population of accused and accusers. One region was richer than the other and citizens on opposite sides of the border had different ideas on religious devotion.
  • It makes the most sense to conclude that the Salem Witch Trials occurred because of the Puritan children.
  • In Puritan homes, there was a clear lack of children’s toys. If families owned books, they were usually only religious texts. Children were denied a childhood, expected to work like adults at a young age. Girls, especially, were faced with boring household tasks.
  • The Puritans held a very strong belief in the Devil, believing that he would choose those who were not the best in upholding the Puritan morals. These people would then be used to carry out the Devil’s work. Puritans were afraid that the Devil was always present.
  • This concept made the idea of witchcraft even more frightening to the Puritans, especially considering that they had no idea what the devil looked like or what he did. The girls’ accusations built upon these fears, creating paranoia and distrust.
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