The Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle
Updated: 1/27/2020
The Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle
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  • Pacific Ocean
  • Gulf of Mexico
  • Florida
  • Caribbean Sea
  • Puerto Rico
  • Atlantic Ocean
  • Bermuda
  • USS Cyclops
  • The Bermuda Triangle is a triangular region with vertices at Miami, Florida, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda. This mythical part of the Atlantic Region is surrounded by mystery and there are several legends that surround it.
  • One of the biggest US Navy Ships - the USS Cyclops - sailed through the Bermuda Triangle region and disappeared without any trace. There was no SOS sent before the sudden sinking and to this day, no trace has been found of the ship or its crew.
  • An estimate records about 20 more ships and 50 planes have vanished in the same region. Like with the USS Cyclops, they disappeared without a trace. No wreckage has ever been found.
  • So is the Bermuda Triangle really some form of dark magic? Do the monsters that live there snatch up boats and planes to eat the people inside of them? Or can science explain this string of coincidences?
  • One theory is portals - they would randomly open up in this region to swallow up the boats and planes.
  • Another theory is Extraterrestrial Interference - underwater alien bases destroyed ships and planes and took the humans for research purposes.
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