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Oedipus rex 2
Updated: 10/2/2020
Oedipus rex 2
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  • Oedipus was on his way to Thebes, when he encountered an old man, this guy was angry because he thought Oedipus was walking to slow so he hit him in the head with his walking stick.
  • Obviously, he got mad.
  • So he killed all of them...
  • please don't kill me
  • what he didn't knew was that one was alive and managed to escape
  • Oedipus marries the queen of Thebes (not knowing that she is her mom) and have kids...yes, kids.
  • years later...
  • When he arrived he encountered The Sphinx, who ate all men who tried to cross Thedes, she would only let people in if they answered correctly her riddle
  • ummm...the human
  • "This creature walks in four legs in the morning, two at noon, and three in the evening"
  • huh, i guess you can come in, whatever
  • Oedipus decided to find out who killed the king of Thebes so he talked with the blind profet , he found out HE KILLED HIM!! And that he was his dad...
  • When he told his wife, she killed herself because she knew that if the king was his dad it makes her his I think you get it
  • Oedipus stabbed his eyes with the same knife her mother used to kill herself, making himself blind.
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