romeo and juliet
Updated: 9/10/2020
romeo and juliet

Storyboard Text

  • tybalt i cant stop thinking about that girl
  • tybalt look! do you see that girl
  • seriously romeo shes just some rando your probably never gonna see her again
  • oh for god sakes romeo you finally stopped moping over rose get your head out the gutter
  • come on lover boy we have to get to work
  • i wonder if ill ever see her again i hope i do
  • oh sh@#t yeh work
  • ummm mum who is this
  • ok cool ill meet you there at 7 hows that
  • so you know how i had that date with the bartender yeh he said e can get us in the club tonight if you wanna come with me
  • in the lounge room honey
  • mum dad im home !
  • ah good your home this is paris hes fathers partner in the business