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Little Red
Updated: 3/26/2019
Little Red
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  • Sure thing! She sure does love her pepperoni pizza.
  • Hey Red, can you run this pizza over to Gran's place ASAP?
  • I best get this to Gran quick! She always gives me a big tip when the service is quick.
  • Give me that pizza!
  • No, I can't, I have to get it to Gran's house.
  • Renae Wilson, 'Red' to her friends worked at her local pizza shop. One particular afternoon her manager asked her to deliver a pizza to one of their regulars, lovingly named Gran by the staff that worked there. 
  • Phew! I've finally made it to Gran's and the pizza is still nice and hot.
  • Wow Gran, how absolutely different do you look...
  • Red immediately made her way to Gran's house which was on the other side of town. Hoping to get the pizza there while it was still steaming hot.
  • Yeah, yeah. Just give me the pizza.
  • As Red rounded a corner she was startled by a man who the locals called 'wolf' because he always seemed to be lurking around every corner. He began to yell at Red to give him the pizza but she refused and ran along the path towards Gran's house.
  • Now I'll never get to taste that pepperoni pizza.
  • Red had finally reached Gran's house on the other side of town. She approached the front door and knocked three times before pushing the door to discover it was already open. It was not uncommon for Red to let herself in and take the pizza to Gran in bed when she wasn't feeling well. So that's just what she did.
  • As Red entered the house she knew instantly that something was wrong, as Gran did not call out to her with her usual greeting. So Red dialled 000. When she walked into Gran's room she realised that the person in Gran's bed was none other than Wolf in a terrible disguise.
  • Has anyone ever told you how much you look like Wolf?
  • The police showed up soon after and took Wolf away to a place where he would not be eating any pizza. Maybe next time Wolf will just call Red's pizza shop and order a pepperoni pizza for himself.
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