Unknown Story
Updated: 1/6/2021
Unknown Story

Storyboard Description

practice short film storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • SHOT 5A
  • SHOT 5B
  • SHOT 5C
  • Shot type; Establishing shotShot length; 3 secondsSound; Diegetic sound of rainfallTransition; Fade in Pan left to right across trees
  • SHOT 6A
  • Shot type; Tracking shotShot length; 2 secondsSound; Footsteps in mud, rainTransition; Cut
  • SHOT 6B
  • Shot type; Mid shot - Steadicam Shot length; 6 SecondsSound; dialogue Transition; CutBoys walk towards camera, camera moves in front of them
  • SHOT 7
  • Shot type; Low shotShot length; 4 secondsSound; rain, indistinct dialogueTransition;Low angle looking up as boys walk into the graveyard
  • Shot type; close up Shot length; 3 secondsSound; Thunder, ominous music beginTransition; CutCamera lingers as boys exit frame- zoom in on grave
  • Shot type; OTS- introduces houseShot length; 2 secondsSound; music continue, thunder and rainTransition; Cut
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