poe storyboard pt 2
Updated: 11/22/2019
poe storyboard pt 2

Storyboard Text

  • Narrator suffocates old man
  • Police come to door
  • Narrator fills with guilt and confesses. 
  • Omg why is his heart still beating!! What have i done??
  • Waiting for old man to calm down and fall back asleep narrator decides to finally go for it. Takes old mans mattress and suffocates him and old man dies as planned.
  • The neighbors hear noises from next door and calls police, police come and ask to enter and view the house looking for anything that could have happened. Narrator is confident like theres no way the police could find out what hes done so he acts perfectly normal, and police don't suspect too much
  • After guilt kicks into the narrator, his so called acute hearing starts to hear the old mans heartbeat and it drives hi absolutely crazy it drives him to confess about what he has done.