Mistmantel Comic (For book report)
Updated: 2/27/2020
Mistmantel Comic (For book report)

Storyboard Text

  • Mistmantel #1
  • A squirrel gave birth to a baby squirrel they are both pale white not brownish like most
  • But the mom dies
  • Then the baby gets took by an owl
  • (The baby's name is urchin.)
  • At the towera otter and squirrel see him fall from the sky and thought he was a star
  • Is that a star!?
  • Crispen and firsee him and find him so they give him to apple.
  • I'm king brushen of mistmantel
  • I'm husk, a captain
  • I'm crispen
  • I'm padra, a captain
  • Someone has killed tumble!!!
  • Who ever has done this will be banished!
  • Crispen is gulity!
  • Good bye crispen
  • Good bye Urchin
  • Land!
  • Who are you?
  • I am crispen of mistmantel
  • Hello i'm willow
  • AHHHH!!!!
  • Spring fair
  • We attack now!
  • Tower this way:
  • Then....
  • Husk kills king
  • Dead
  • But i killed you!!!!!
  • Hello husk. I'm tumble
  • Happy ending
  • I am crispen i am now king