6 out of 9 circles of hell
Updated: 2/3/2021
6 out of 9 circles of hell

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  • Limbo
  • Lustful
  • Gluttonous
  • If you're in limbo, you've never made a crucial decision in your life. Now you're forever stuck in a place that usually moves, just not for you. You probably lived with people but never payed your share of rent, never voted, or always ordered lots of food but never tipped your waiter. You are now stuck in a tiny elevator with a crying, screaming baby. Everyone can leave to go on their floor except for you. You're stuck in there.
  • Avaricious & Prodigal
  • If you're in the lustful part of hell, you used love as an excuse to get away with bad things. Now you're on a road that literally goes nowhere. You probably cheated on people, manipulated those that cared about you, and didn't treat your significant other with the respect they deserve. On this road are many loved ones, but you can't quite see them and they don't know you're there. In this part of hell, you're like a ghost.
  • Wrathful & Sullen
  • If you're in the gluttonous part of hell, you've overindulged yourself and left little for others. You probably were the CEO of a big fast food company that doesn't treat its workers properly, or maybe you generally never gave to the people that needed food the most and took it for yourself. Every day you have to eat a ton of really gross, greasy fast food and then immediately go run a 10k while a skeleton chases you.
  • Heretical
  • Welcome to the avaricious/prodigal part of hell. Here, you're a teacher in a school that despises you. If you've ended up here, you've spent your money wastefully, you never cared about anything but wealth, and you actually did anything you could to achieve that goal. So now you teach finance at a trashy community college where the food is terrible, your co-workers are evil, and your "students" are planning to hurt you.
  • It seems you've ended up in the wrathful or sullen section of hell. Here, you're not the only one with anger issues. If you're in this circle, you probably lashed out at everybody in your life in some form or another. Looks like your anger became such a big problem that now you're in the audience of a wrathful -death- metal band! Welcome to an eternity of terrible, eardrum-breaking rock concerts.
  • Welcome to the heretical circle of hell. If you've ended up here, you didn't believe God existed when you were alive. Now that you're dead, aliens exist too! You're in space on a tiny rocket with a bunch of slimy, hungry aliens as Elton John's "Rocket Man" plays at an obnoxiously loud level around you for eternity.