i give you an onion

Updated: 10/13/2021
i give you an onion

Storyboard Text

  • This poem is about someone giving there valentine a onion as a present . They explain why they do this and what it means to them .This is them expressing love for each other. This is shown by the phrase ' i give you an onion ' .
  • Carol Ann Duffy makes it very clear that she isn't giving a normal valentines present. She shows this by saying ' Not a red rose or a satin heart' she says this at the very start to show she knows its unusal.
  • As she goes on to describe the onion she uses imagery to say how its wrapped. This makes the reader think visually about what she is saying. The writer uses the quote ' it is a moon wrapped in brown paper'
  • Carrying on. The writer uses a metaphor so show what love is . She uses ' it will blind you with tears like a lover.' This shows us that she is describes heartbreak because onions make you cry and it links to her use of punctuation .
  • Carol uses one line stanza next to snap peoples attention. 'I'm trying to be truthful' this explains that she isn't giving the gift as a joke and she does mean it . shortly after she uses ' i give you an onion' this is repetion which is linked to get people attention.
  • As she gets towards the end of the poem she describes how the scent of an onion lingers. She uses this to link to a kiss . ' its fierce kiss will stay on your lips' this is a quote to show what she means.