Updated: 4/29/2020

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  • I think it's a girl that I had an affair with.
  • I got her fired from her next job, at a clothes shop, out of jealousy. But I thought her name was Daisy Renton.
  • Your questions are impertinent. Sheila be quiet
  • I know a Daisy Renton, I protected her in a bar from a lecherous old man, and then put her up in a friend’s lodgings. She then became my mistress.
  • He then shows sheila the picture
  • I respect you now, for telling the truth but we must start again in this relationship.
  • The Inspector speaks to Gerald and Sheila. Sybil enters
  • She was looking for money as she was pregnant
  • The inspector questions Gerald
  • I was drunk the night I met the girl
  • Sheila approaches Gerald. After she talks to him, the Inspector allows Gerald to leave
  • She pretended she was called mrs birling
  • Everyone realises that Eric is the father. Eric enter the room everyone staring at him