design story board draft
Updated: 3/11/2020
design story board draft

Storyboard Text

  • this book can be a fraction, if i remove a piece they become 2 thirds of the book
  • wow! that's so cool does that mean anything can be a fraction?
  • yes, almost everything can be a fraction, a pizza slice is a fraction, let me show you some more examples
  • 1/2half a circle
  • 3/4three fours of a circle
  • 1one whole circle
  • 1/4one fourth of a circle
  • the red color is how much we have left of the pizza, the blue is how much we have taken, this is five eighths of a pizza
  • to find a fraction you always have to count the full amount of the item, this pizza has 8 pieces in total, the total amount will always be the number that is on the bottom of the fraction, to find the top number you count the amount you have left of the item