Industrial Revolution
Updated: 11/20/2020
Industrial Revolution

Storyboard Text

  • The Industrial Revolution created many environmental changes to people and cities. It increased manufactured goods and created a good standard of living. Houses and schools also emerged as well.
  • Industrial Revolution also had political changes. The people wanted less poverty and less poor working conditions so they influenced the government, to change the social and economic legislation law that was passed.
  • The social structure was also heavily influenced, the middle class who had free time had also started working, many people from rural areas also started to move to the cities for work.
  • The industrial revolution transformed economies that had been based on agriculture into economies on large scale industry and jobs. This changed the economic style.
  • The industrial revolution did create negative changes also, like a lot of widespread diseases (smallpox), a lot of people had diseases during this era, This was by contaminated water.
  • Children were part of the labor force and worked long hours for dangerous tasks that were not meant for children