My cousin Rachel
Updated: 12/9/2020
My cousin Rachel

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  • Good morning Rachel, I have been waiting for you to have breakfast together.
  • Good morning Philip, I'm not hungry and I want to tell you something!
  • I already made up my mind about my travel and I am going to go to Italy
  • No, Rachel you can't go back to Italy.
  • I have to convice Rachel to stay here with me but what can I do?...
  • Mmm Sorry, I won´t change my decision dear Philip. I will leave tomorrow.
  • Rachel, I need you, stay with me please!!
  • Rachel, I love you!! Don't leave, please!!
  • I will come back to visit you, take care Philip.
  • I hate Rachel because she doesn't love me, I'm sure she's with Rainaldi, I swear I will get revenge on them!!