Ilsa and Liesel's relationship

Updated: 5/19/2020
Ilsa and Liesel's relationship

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  • Ilsa Hermann - the mayor's wife - and Liesel first meet when Liesel is made to deliver the clean laundry to their home and to pick up the clean laundry.
  • On the day of Hitler's birthday celebration, the parade, and the book burning, Liesel steals a book that was not burnt from the book burning. At first she didn't realise this, but Ilsa Hermann witnessed her stealing a book.
  • Liesel was welcomed into the home of the Hermanns, in which Ilsa Hermann took Liesel to see the library in their home. Liesel was amazed to see so many books. Ilsa told Liesel that she would be able to visit the library whenever she would bring their laundry to their house.
  • After Ilsa told Liesel that she had to stop hiring her mama - Rosa - to do the laundry
  • Another day, Rudy comes to get Liesel to show her what's in the window of 8 Grande Strasse. It's a book — a dictionary and thesaurus. She steals it from the window and finds a note inside from Ilsa Hermann apologizing for firing Rosa and telling Liesel that she knows she's stealing the books.