dead people sad story (:
Updated: 2/17/2020
dead people sad story (:

Storyboard Text

  • i'm in space and its an awesome space to be in.its relative space from my house right now is a few million miles. it is not a fixed point because the moon is on the move.
  • this is my place .its where i play video games.-cultural. i rest and relax-spiritual. and i also look out my window to see the city below-asthetics.
  • this is a natural environment untouched by humans. the perfect forest for me. any humans that come trying to turn this into a human environment like a farm, or a safe place to live are a free meal.
  • the world is dying and changing. it is the year 2070. Australia has burnt to the ground. corona virus has taken over everything and people have gone insane. by sending this through a crack in time i hope i save a few lives.
  • interconnection is like the watercycle, they connect and work together,like how im working with this guy from the future to prevent something horrible happening.
  • what is the gorvernment doing to help all this,well the existing governments are focusing on military to keep the few remaining cities alive. they are so secure they don't even let healthy outsiders like me in. they are also working on a cure-everyone is. i try to help the survivors,that's what i'm doing.