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Updated: 3/25/2020
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  • It has to be me who wins. None of my friends are good enough to be captain...
  • This is bad! Captain votes for the school footy team will be tonight and I have a feeling Flynn will get more votes over me!
  • If Blake and Flynn return alive, then my position is goners.
  • Blake is my friend, he has been good to me and has a lot of guidance, but I did not kill David just to have the title taken from me this soon!
  • I will have to go through with my plan. I'll get Jackson and Terry to kill them tonight!
  • . . .
  • Hey Mac! I found Terry and Jackson for you.
  • Thanks, man. See you later.
  • Later
  • Terry, Jackson, I was wondering if you'd be able to help me out.
  • Look, I know you guys both despise Blake. He beat you up back in the 8th grade, stole your lunch money and more. I was wondering if'd you'd like payback on him?
  • With what exactly, Mac?
  • Well, you're not wrong...
  • I know I'm not. Plus, I'm the one that helped you during your darkest times and I'm going to offer you a chance...
  • ...A chance to get rid of your old enemy.
  • Blake made your lives at this school horrible! Would you seriously let this chance go? You'd never be reminded of the pain he put you through if you never had to see his face or hear his voice!
  • We understand what you're saying Mac, but in the end, we're still human...
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