Updated: 9/27/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Hi Doctor! I've had patients ask when you'll begin administering flu shots?
  • Okay so after you give me the germs and my body starts to attack them, I won't get sick again because my body is familiar with the germ?
  • Now! All flu shots are walk-in this year.
  • Ben's a little nervous for his shot this year doc. Could you please explain to him its importance?
  • A flu shot, just like any vaccine, is here to protect your immune system from the virus that could attack it.
  • It's just like when you do things even though your scared. you're training yourself to not be scared anymore, right?
  • So, when you give me the shot it's kind of like you're training my body to not get sick?
  • Exactly! Vaccines give you a tiny bit of the germ that is making you sick so your body can make antibodies to destroy the invader, it's like a training exercise.
  • You got it! A vaccine gives your body immunity so that if you're exposed to the real germ/disease, the antibodies can protect you!