Use internet mistakenly
Updated: 1/13/2021
Use internet mistakenly

Storyboard Description

Scene1: Cast: Alex Li (Han-solo), Victoria (R), Sharon (Clotho) Photographer: Sharon Time: afternoon Place: Home (Han-solo is playing computer games in his room.) (excited) Han: Go R! Kill he and win the game! Get the success! Go! at the same time the opposite win the game. (unbelievable, suspicious, shock, and hit the desk with anger) Han: Damn! What the hell?! Is this guy a green hand?............(one second) The shot turn to R (sadness, pity and lean her back on the chair) R: Uh…… Why always lose, what’s wrong with my team mate? On the computer a message send to R, says: What’s wrong with you? Why you lose this chance green hand? Is this the first time you play this game? R open Wechat and find Han wrote rude words to her and she felt very sadness and send message to Han: sorry I lose the game, so sorry. The shot turn to Han Han typed: You just gave chance to opposite to kill me and such a low level! You shouldn’t play this game green hand! (aggrieved, angry) R typed: I practice for it so long, it’s not all my fault! You didn’t play well and you can’t justice me!(Same screen with last sentence) (angry) Han typed: What a retarded! You don’t deserve to play! Get out of now! The shot turn to Clotho (shake head and frown)Clotho typed: Well you should stop, Han, they are very rude words, you hurt her, that’s not good. You should apologize to her. (angry) Han type: Why should I stop? She is too sucks! I shouldn’t apologize! (profundity) Clotho type: That’s wrong, Han. She should be helped rather than scolded. Have a image, if you don’t play game well and others scold you, are you happy with that? Of course you want to be respected, but you should respect others at first. The shot turn to Han (nod, sorry) Han type: Sorry R, I apologize to you, I shouldn’t say that’s rude words and I reflect myself, that’s my fault. Hope you can accept my apologize and I will never again (sign, nod) R type: Fine, I accept your apologize, I will do better next time.
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