the war of 1812
Updated: 2/1/2021
the war of 1812

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for school its a project and im existed to lurn about it

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  • The couse's of the war of 1812
  • Cause 1# British interference with American shipping – naval blockade
  • Cause 2# Americans believe British push Native Americans to fight settlers.
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  • Cause #4 – Western members of the House of Representatives (called War Hawks) want to expand into Canada.
  • GB did not want the US government to give food and supplies and so they made a partial blockade to stop them from giving them food and supplies.
  • The effects of the war of 1812
  • A lot of American settlers thought Great Britain was stirring up trouble and refusing to the settlement.
  • Effect #1 – Heroism of Jackson, Perry, and others increased American patriotism.
  • the Leaders Congressman Henry Clay angrily demanded a war against Great Britain. War Hawks needed British aid to Natives Americans stopped, and they wanted the British out of Canada.
  • The effects
  • Men in America were courageous and did some pretty impressing things and all for the good of there heart.