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The Witch of Blackbird Pond
Updated: 3/27/2020
The Witch of Blackbird Pond
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  • Kit is riding the Dophin,on her way to Wethersfieid. Kit was rasied in barbadoos but her grandfather died, so she has to leave Barbadoos( unless she married an old rich man, but she didnt want too) and come to the only family she has left,Her Aunt Rachel. On her way their she mean Nat (the captions son), the captain, the captian's wife, John halbrook, Goodwife Cruff, pruedunece, and Goodwife Cruff's husband.
  • When she got there, they were all suprised and some were happy (Aunt Rachel and Mercy). But the fact that she had 7 small trunks of clothes. She tried to share with Mercy ( the crupled one)and Judith( the pretty one), but Matthew (dad) wounld let them keep the clothes. She stared (dating) willain, who judith had liked, but now she likes John halbrook. So he and her were "dating" also.
  • When she got her she was expected to work and do her part, but she has never worked before they always had slaves do the work. So she tried her best and uslally failed (but over time she got better). Mercy and Kit even got a job to earn wages, Teachers for a preschool. But one day kit tried to do a little skit from the bible, but it went way wrong and then the princale came in anf fried Kit and was going to think what he was going to do with Mercy.
  • Kit felt so sad, bad, and just like she didnt belong. So she feel ran to thw meadows and it gave her peace, but then a old lady( that lives alone with cats) came to her(Hannah tuber, "thw witch"), they talked about all her feeling that she had in the past weeks. She comforted her, gave her peace and strenght. O she has been going their ever since ,even tho she is not allowed too. She also teaches and bring Prudence their, because her mom would let her go to preschool (because her mom thinks she is too dumb).
  • But one day an illness spreadnall trouht out town and they blamed Hannah for being a witch and castiong a spell on the town. So when they went to go and burn down her house, Kit resuced her got, took her to nat, and then they sald away. Nat asked kit to come but she said no. So then Goodwife Cruff ascued kit for witch craft, becasue she is friends with hannah. Her unclw tried to stiop them , but their was noting he could do. So she was put on trial and william wasnt there like, shethought he would. when she was a bout to be asscused guilty,Nat brought Prudence in the court room and she told them the truth , and kit was free.
  • So then william and kit got in a fight about who she angs out with , then Kit relized they they will all ways disagree and get in fights. So
  • The Witch
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