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Updated: 6/5/2020
social studies proj
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  • Aqueducts
  • This free water is great!
  • Yeah! And there's enough for the whole city!
  • Free Food
  • That sounds great! I can feed my entire family for free!
  • Free bread for anyone in the city!
  • Entertainment
  • Come one come all! The Emperor is hosting an event at the Circus Maximum!
  • That sounds amazing! In addition I don't have to work!
  • Aqueducts were structures that provided 200 million gallons of water daily to the people in the city of Rome. The aqueducts brought the water to public fountains and baths giving every citizen in Rome water.
  • Bread and Circus
  • With all this free food and water I can feed my entire family for no cost!
  • Yeah! And with half the year off I barely have to work!
  • Free food was given out to the people of the city. This solved hunger in the city of Rome making all the citizens in the city happy. Unfortunately the food was coming from other farmers' surplus which did not make them happy.
  • Farmer's Taxes
  • The Emporer paid huge amounts of money for large events for people to come to in order to keep them happy and distracted from their problems. They even made almost half of the days in a year holidays.
  • Under Working
  • With free food and entertainment for the people in the city, no work was getting done. In fact why would there be work getting done. If everyone receives free food and water what do they need to work for? If everyone has half of a year off what can be accomplished? These two major components that kept the people happy were being filled by the labor of others, and the tasks that were needed to be done in the city were not being fufilled.
  • It is also nice to have constant entertainment free of charge
  • As said earlier, the people in the city received free food. This was great for the city, but not so great for the farmers, where they got their food from. They took the food from farmers' surplus of crops, leaving only enough for their family. They were without any extra crops to sell for money or other items for their family.
  • Give us your tax!
  • Keep only enough for your family!
  • Since the farmers were having all their excess crops taken away from them they decided to only farm enough to satisfy their family. This made the free food in the city impossible to produce, needing more people to be farmers (4/5 citizens). The city could no longer gather food if no one made extra and there is no point to making a surplus when you can't sell it.
  • If they are going to take all my work then I won't work at all for them!
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