Updated: 2/9/2020

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  • Thank you, I will get everybody to agree
  • We have all agreed to let you have some land, but with some conditions!
  • Yes sir! I will do that right away.
  • Since the Americans are complaining, we are gonna close all the immagration.
  • Come on men it is time to revolt!!
  • Yeah!!
  • Yes we are ready!
  • Come on men we must make it to the Texas government to discuss some things.
  • Yeah!!
  • First Spanish officials agreed to let Austin have land. Soon after Austin ended up dying, his son Stephan had to take over. In order to have this land Stephan had some conditions to follow. He had to choose hardworking settlers and morals. All of the settlers that came had to make a promise to become citizens of Mexico and go to a Catholic church, They agreed and soon they had many families coming known as the “Old Three Hundred.”
  • Storm everywhere! Kill all the Alomo!
  • Run!!!!
  • They soon had 2,500 Americans coming to Texas. After this the Americans were starting to complain about several things like, "that all official documents had to be in Spanish, a language most of them were unwilling to learn." The Mexicans were also upset because they didn't expect so many Americans to come.Some of the Americans were unwilling to do things, so Mexico closed Texas from new immigration.
  • The deal has been made! In exchange for your freedom you must order every single troop out of Texas.
  • Yes the deal is made
  • When Americans found out they decided to start a revolution. The leader of the group was William Travis, Stephen Austin let another group asking for Texas to become a separate Mexican state and unclose the immigrant rule. When Stephen made it to the government he was arrested for helping a rebellion. When Stephen was released Santa Anna the general of Mexico marketed 6000 troops North.
  • With all the votes Texas is now part of the U.S.
  • A large part of Santa Annas army made it to San Antonio, TX. Around 180 men joined togethor to defend the town from Santa Annas army. A quote that was used was, "The Texans had taken over an old mission known as the Alamo." the Alamo was surrounded, the Texans were outnumbers but only one men fled. For many days cannons were shot at the Alomo, soon after Santa Anna ordered to storm. Every men from the Alomo died that day
  • Santa Anna started to push on forward. One of the men Sam Houston the commander of the Texas revolutionary army was hoping for the Santa Anna to get to far in. Hoping to make it much more difficult for the general. Later on the Santa Annas all were expecting a suprise attack to happen, but when nothing did they all relaxed. Sam Houston men did end up attacking, and Santa was captured they made a deal. ForSantas freedm all his troops had to leave. Texas got its independece.
  • Since Texas was independent, most the Americans in Texas wanted it to become part of the U.S. Texas ended up being independent for the next 10 years. Many of the people in the sound wanted Texas for another slave state but the Northerns did not want Texas to be apart of slaves. Later on there was a vote, and Texas became the 28th state in 1845.