moretto leonardo 1 ae 2 parte 2 storia
Updated: 2/13/2020
moretto leonardo 1 ae 2 parte 2 storia

Storyboard Description

much many a lot a few

Storyboard Text

  • hey Jack , do you like the cake?
  • yes i really like that, but i ate to much of this.
  • Jack there is nothing in the fridge for dinner.
  • you have to take some tomatoes, some cheese and some salad.
  • okay, what i have to take for dinner?
  • okay, now i will go to take them.
  • yes, it is 23,50£
  • hi, can i have two tomatoes some cheese and some salad?
  • okay, here you are
  • Jessie i'm back with the.
  • oh no, i will go take more of them.
  • oh no Jack the tomatoes aren't enough
  • okay you are really fun,those are free. Here you are.
  • excuse me i need more tomatoes.
  • thanks you are really kind.
  • thank you Jack,but also the ingredients were really good.
  • the dinner was reaaly good, you are an amazing chef