Life within Wrestling - Storyboard
Updated: 2/9/2020
Life within Wrestling - Storyboard
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  • Add images of arenas and reactions myself
  • Shots of huge crowds and arenas cheering for the action. Extreme wide shots to amplify the size of the crowds, close up shots to enhance specific emotions.These will be a mix of stuff filmed by me and taken from WWE, with my voice over the top introducing the viewer to the sport. It then leads into footage of some of the wrestling within in the ring, some basic holds and extreme moments.
  • Add images of 'Ride Along'.
  • Cutaways to me on camera
  • Use Voice over
  • We then cut to me, where I start talking about the topic at hand. The shot will be a close up, I will be framed from the shoulders up and sitting in front of a white background, ideally a big wall, but if need be, I will use a green screen and manipulate the background. I introduce the viewer to the grueling schedule,the injuries that the body of a wrestler goes through, some examples of this happening.
  • I will now cut to several interviews that I have filmed, starting with what wrestling means to these people. They will be giving their thoughts, their favorite wrestler, first memory. This is done to show how much wrestling can affect people, how it elicits every emotion from happiness to anger to sadness and all in between. These will be mostly filmed in the same area as my piece to camera, except for one which I will be filming on holiday in London.
  • Images of
  • I will now give more detailed information about the schedule of a top superstar. Using footage from WWE documentaries (‘Ride Along’) which is an actual show that shows the stars on one of their long journeys in a car travelling from town to town. These are generally fun shows but to me it shows the real struggle being at the top in this business can be. I use occasional cutaways to me on camera and use voice over to change up the format and keep the viewer interested.
  • This part will be more emphasised on the injuries of the mind and body of the performers, again showing footage of when injuries take place, footage of people in recovery and when they return. But this will lead into me talking about our first example of the documentary, Eddie Guerrero. Similar to before,I will accompany this footage with my voice over the clips and cutaways to me on camera.
  • To start talking about Eddie Guerrero, I will take many different thoughts and opinions of him from many in the business who knew him and from my friends who I had interviewed and my own personal thoughts. Using footage and images from different stages of his career during this, his biggest wins and losses, and this will lead into the substance problems he suffered with. The downfall then begins and we cover the events surrounding his death.
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