Frankenstein Story
Updated: 3/19/2020
Frankenstein Story

Storyboard Text

  • ch. 5
  • "...I have lately been so deeply engaged in one occupation that I have not allowed myself sufficient rest..."
  • ch. 10
  • "Abhorred monster! fiend that thou art!"
  • "Have I not suffered enough that you seek to increase my misery?"
  • ch. 11
  • "...I longed to obtain food and shelter; at length I perceived a small hut...I entered. An old man sat in it, near the fire...He turned on hearing a noise; and, perceiving me, shrieked loudly, and quitting the hut, ran across the fields..."
  • ch. 16
  • .
  • "When night came, I quitted my retreat, and wandered in the wood; and now, no longer restrained by the fear of discovery, I gave vent to my anguish in fearful howling."
  • "Cursed, cursed creator! why did I live?"
  • ch. 20
  • "Shall each man...find a wife for his bosom, and each beast have his mate, and I be alone?"
  • "Begone! I do break my promise; never will I create another like yourself, equal in deformity and wickedness."
  • ch. 21
  • "Have my murderous machination deprived you also, my dearest Henry, of life?"
  • "The examination, the presence of the magistrate and witnesses, passed like a dream form my memory, when I saw the lifeless form of Henry stretched out before me."