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Updated: 2/22/2019
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  • Reason for settlement:
  • Problems:
  • ME
  • RIP Jeff Goldblum
  • What to fix:
  • ME
  • The reason that the pioneers left was because of how strict England was, you weren't allowed to pick who you were friends with or who you were marring, and if you disobeyed any of the rules then you would either get killed or go to prison.
  • Big problems that happened to the pioneers was on there way to the island, it was stormy and everyone was miserable, and when they got to the island and built there houses and buildings, winter came around. Many people died from the cold and bad food.
  • If I was back in time, i would be the most hard working and make sure everything was OK. If I was back in England i would fight for Americas rights, and make sure that no one would get killed by doing something wrong
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