Updated: 2/13/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Supreme Beings
  • Your power could never kill me, or make me suffer enough to stop protecting my little clay men
  • I will make you suffer I am the most powerful god, you will respect me
  • Fighting Between Gods
  • You can make me hang here for the rest of my life I am not giving up
  • I will make animals eat every part of your body and you will suffer
  • Man Kind is Destroyed
  • I am destroying mankind by this flood, everyone will die and suffer
  • In this picture Prometheus is saying that nothing could be able to kill him and that he is not scared of being hurt, and he would do anything to protect his little clay men because he knows he can not die. Zeus responds by saying that he is the most powerful god and that everyone has to follow his orders. They both have too much pride.
  • Prometheus and Zeus are fighting and Zeus chains Prometheus to a bridge to just hang there and Prometheus cant do anything about it he just has to wait until Zeus leaves so he can escape. Zeus says that he will punish the whole man kind if he trys to escape.