Communicating Low Test Scores to Parents
Updated: 11/28/2020
Communicating Low Test Scores to Parents

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  • It's important to greet parents with a smile and let them know how much you appreciate them being there to discuss their child. It's important to greet appropriately per the cultural norms. In Asia it's not common to shake hands. So a wave and a smile will suffice. Meeting in the classroom where their child learns is good so the parents can see their child's work on the walls. Make sure the space is clean and inviting.
  • Hi and welcome! I'm so glad both of you could make it today to discuss Ian. Please have a seat if you'd like.
  • Welcome Parents!
  • None right now. We'll wait until you share any concerns about Ian.
  • Invite the parents to bring up any concerns they have about Ian first. If they do not have any questions, then always start the conversation on a positive note while keeping eye-contact and a smile. Keep the tone happy and the message short and sweet.
  • Do you have any questions you'd like me to answer before we begin?
  • Ian is a pleasure to teach in class. He is well-mannered and gets along with others well.
  • Explain the different assessment offered in class to assist in Ian's leanring and the ones that are required to meet the statewide requirements. Always have copies or the original test to show parents so they have proof.
  • I have a folder here with some of Ian's last few quizzes and tests in class. That's what I would like to talk to you about.
  • Welcome Parents!
  • Communicate with the parents what the quiz or test is, how often this quiz/ test is given and then let them see the results. Be encouraging and let them know that he is not the only ELL learner that is struggling. Ian just may need some extra attention in the area of phonics and reading.
  • Each week we have a phonics quiz to make sure the class is understanding these rules to better improve their spelling and reading. These are Ian's last few quizzes.
  • Welcome Parents!
  • Ian is not the only student who struggles with phonics and reading which is why I have opened up an extra help session twice a week to help these students. It will be for 30 mins each session. We will go over phonics drills as well as spelling drills and reading prompts.
  • Let parents know that you are here for them and Ian to help him improve his phonics, writing and reading ability. Let them know the plan of action and how long they can expect Ian to participate in extra help sessions. Let them know your plan to keep them updated and how often. Make sure you instill confiendence that there child can imrprove with some extra help.
  • Welcome Parents!
  • I am confident Ian will show improvement after some help sessions. This will help him a lot as he moves up each grade
  • Thank the parents for making the time to attend the meeting. Give them a copy of quizzes/ tests for their records. Make sure you make an action plan for Ian and have a plan to communicate about Ian's progress in the help sessions as well as class. Set a date to meet again in person 2-3 months later.
  • Welcome Parents!
  • Thank you both for taking the time to come today. Ian has some really great parents. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me via email or phone. I will update you with Ian's quiz and test results as I grade them. Let me know if there is anything you need.
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