Civics assighnment
Updated: 3/12/2020
Civics assighnment

Storyboard Text

  • Water and suage is one of the the responsibilities of the municipal government . In the morning and at night I use water everyday when I take a shower or brush my teeth.
  • Libraries is another responsibility of the municipal government. I go to the library sometimes to get books or when i have an upcoming test and I need a quiet place to study.
  • I use transportation mostly everyday especially when I go to school or have plans to go somewhere, I usually take the bus. This is one of the services I use the most given by municipal government.
  • I take the trash out on garbage days and put it in the green bin to be collected by the waste collectors. This is also another service of the municipal government which makes it easier to take out trash.
  • The municipal government is in charge of creating parks and recreation centers where people can go. I go to the park sometimes to walk my dog.
  • The municipal government of ottawa provide sidewalks for pedestrians so they have somewhere to walk and not be in the way of cars. I always walk on the sidewalks when going to the bus stop.