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Midas and the Golden Touch
Updated: 10/13/2020
Midas and the Golden Touch
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Storyboard Description

By: Kylie Mosler

Storyboard Text

  • Oh no! Everything king Midas touches is turning into gold! His food, spoon, and cup are all gold. He can't eat! He will choke if he eats gold!
  • Hi, my name is king Midas and I love gold!
  • I hate Apollo. He shines golden sheaves of light on rich and poor. I believe only gods should have gold!
  • Apollo heard Midas talking bad about him. So, he decided to grant Midas a wish, instead of getting mad at him. He grants him a wish in his dream.
  • I wish for everything I touch to turn into gold!
  • I will grant you one wish. It can be anything you desire.
  • Midas's barber is the only person that knows of his donkey ears, and he can't keep the secret anymore. So, he yells it down a hole. But, the river reeds hear, then the whole town hears about it.
  • Oops. I forgot that if I touch her she turns to gold. Whatever, I will figure her out later. I need to go and turn other things into gold right now.
  • Midas went out in his garden to see if the dream was real. And, it was because the roses and his daughter turned into gold.
  • I need to fix this, and get this "wish" removed!
  • Apollo, please remove this "wish", and bring me back to normal!
  • I can do that. But, as a punishment you will need to wear donkey ears for the rest of your life!
  • Midas has donkey ears, Midas has donkey ears!!
  • Midas ends up not being mad and deciding to not chop his barber's head off. Instead he decides to forgive his barber because Apollo forgave him. So, Apollo takes off his donkey ears, since he learned mercy.
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