Updated: 3/22/2021

Storyboard Text

  • 1. so what do you want to talk about now tim?3. ok
  • 2. what about globel trade.
  • 1. so why do Canadiens trade with other countries
  • 3. yes.
  • 'puts chess away'
  • 2. for starters do you like bananas?
  • 1. well we wouldn't have bananas if canada did not trade
  • 3. no, the bananas get imported to Canada from a hot place like mexico.
  • 2. wow, I thought we just grew them here.
  • so does that mean Canada ships things to other countries?
  • yes and that's called exporting
  • 1. Canada also sometimes sends people to other countries to help them there. that is called a service.
  • 3. the people who go there also earn profit for the work they did.
  • 2. cool. i didn't know that.
  • 2. oh. got to go :(.
  • 1. bob, you must come home now.
  • 3. ok, see you later