Taxation without Representation (Britian's Veiw)

Updated: 2/22/2021
Taxation without Representation (Britian's Veiw)

Storyboard Text

  • Here are the French prisoners.
  • We Finally Won The Seven Years War!
  • Please have Mercy!
  • We are Broke.
  • Sir we won the Seven Years War.
  • There is a issue though.
  • YES! Happy day Oh Happy day.
  • That is a issue, But I have a idea!
  • What could it be we won the war?
  • What a great Idea
  • But, don't fret I have a plan, and that plan is to tax all the money we need out of Colonies!
  • What a great Idea
  • As many of you know we are curently broke.
  • Back in the 1700s there was a war between Britan and France that lasted 7 years, It is called the Seven Years War and it hapened between 1756 – 1763.
  • Acording to the new acts set in by Parliment your products are being taxed!
  • I can't afford these taxes, I'm going to have to deal with these in a differnt way.
  • This is no fair!
  • After Britans victory of the Seven Years War they were lacking money, After all, War cost money and this war cost alot!
  • I beat your taxes Britan!
  • Britan did have a plan to deal with having no money, And that was to put in acts that heavily taxed the Colonies.
  • The Colonies are being unruley, What should we do?
  • OH, I know! To punish them lets tax them more!
  • When the acts came to the Colonies and were set into place, Many Colonists got mad because of the high taxes and the fact that they had no say in it.
  • Some Colonists even started to smuggle in goods on boats, But this just lead to Britan increasing their policeing on the Colonies and even lead to random seizes of boats and houses to make sure their was no smuggled goods.
  • All of this just went back to parliment who was supprised that the Colonies weren't doing what they were told. This caused parliment to increase restrictions and tax more, But in the Colonies they found this unfair and started to rebel.
  • Brilliant Idea!