Kip Caley
Updated: 2/12/2021
Kip Caley

Storyboard Text

  • Kip's Return to Society
  • You're uncle Kip, aren't you?
  • I can't wait to tell my friends!
  • Uncle?
  • Oh, son, if it is I'm ashamed because it came at a time when I'd stopped praying because I got used to you like you were
  • First, he goes to jail and makes me have to change my last name just to become a doctor. And now he comes back and brings all these reporters when he isn't doing anyone any good
  • I remember when you went away. It's great to know you want to string along with everyone
  • Look, here's some cigarettes, you know - just for luck.
  • Kip, you're a personality and that grin of yours is worth money
  • How about you look after my restaurant and floor show.
  • Senator Maclean said you have a job for me