remote hw 6/15/2020
Updated: 6/16/2020
remote hw 6/15/2020
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  • Ahhh. It's finally finished. The perfect kingdom, where no one imperfect can come in. It's taken millions of codes, thousands of test subjects, and its here! I know, I know, how can a teen make the most perfect kingdom in the world? Well, you're about to find out!
  • Here is the first wing of the kingdom. This entire kingdom is meant to help people get a deeper sleep and overall, a better next day, even if you may only fall asleep for an hour or so. And yes, you visit this kingdom while you are asleep. I specifically programed it so you can only step inside this kingdom if you can lucid dream, a special kind of dream involving your conscience. This wing is for you to visit to teach you how you can come back again and again.
  • This is the west stair case, which leads to the dream room. Once you've mastered lucid dreaming and coming to the kingdom, you can go to the dream room, where you can go to dream about whatever and whomever you'd like. You can be as realistic pr unrealistic as possible. I'd definitely say that this is a favorite to many guests.
  • This is foodie land, another favorite. Say you've fallen asleep unbelievably late. Maybe you were at a party until 3 AM, got home at 4 AM, and only fell asleep and 4:30 AM. Of course, an assigned sleep schedule analyst would help program your brain to rest accordingly, but you'd get hungry, since you'd probably be waking up early for the next day. Well, during your beauty sleep, you could have a full blown meal! Your organs would take it as nutrients, but you wouldn't be moving a muscle. It helps us get our breakfasts, but also get that extra sleep that all of us need.
  • This is the common room, the place where you can hang out with other dreamers, talk, and basically have a fun time with other people, even while you're sleeping!
  • As you can see, my kingdom is loved by many perfect people, and my hard work and millions of trials have led to nothing but perfection. People who doesn't belong will be forced out by the magical borders of my kingdom. Yes, I'm just a teenager, but look at my masterpiece! Nothing can go wrong and nothing will!
  • Unless...
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