remote hw 6/22/2020
Updated: 6/22/2020
remote hw 6/22/2020
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  • Hello and welcome, people of this new kingdom! You have been hand selected by the creator of this awesome place, me, to live in one of the most perfect places in the world! This kingdom is so perfect, that it's gates are only open to the best people on planet Earth. Now, the tours should start in a little bit, let's split you up into groups.
  • Okay tour guides, lead your groups throughout the entire kingdom, it's a beautiful place! I'll be monitoring the gates and checking for the newcomers, making sure there are enough guides! Have fun!
  • Welcome everyone! I am the creator of this beautiful, wonderful kingdom, and you will have a chance to talk to me at some point, but for now, please follow your tour guides for a tour of this entire beautiful kingdom! Wait a minute...
  • Hey, Kenzie, miss me much?
  • Jason? How'd you even get here? I have a strict policy on what you have to do to get in, and what your personality has to be!
  • Wow, Kenzie, how harsh can you be? I mean really, you don't miss your best friend even a little?
  • Best friend? Best friend? You're really going to call yourself that, huh? After all those years of bullying me? After on the first day of school, you made my classmates throw rotten tomatoes at me think that I was wearing real animal fur when it was just faux and we both knew that?! Now that's pushing the definition of "best friend".
  • Come on, Kenz, you really don't remember? You were the one who taught me how to lucid dream. You didn't know it but you taught me how to get here, to this beautiful kingdom!
  • Aww, you really think it's beautiful? Also, I guess I can give you an initiation to make sure your right for this program. And to make sure you've grown to be a decent human.
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