Mozart and Beethoven
Updated: 4/8/2021
Mozart and Beethoven

Storyboard Text

  • Hello there, I'm Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart! I am the most famous child prodigy classical composer! 
  • I'm Ludwing van Beethoven. I also was a child prodigy classical composer. 
  • When I was a young child, my father would bring me to play in courts for money. I wrote my first symphony by 8 and an opera by 12
  • My father would also bring me to courts as a young boy but I often refused to play. I disliked aristocracy. I wrote several piano compositions by the time I was 12
  • I wrote over 600 pieces and could write a whole symphony and more in a week. I was eventually banned from playing in public forms or homes of aristocracy in Austria and I then moved to Vienna.
  • I only wrote around a 100 pieces because I would take years to complete one symphony. I hated aristocracy and wouldn't have played for them anyway
  • I wrote for entertainment. Most of my pieces were commissioned pieces. One of my most famous commissioned pieces is Requiem. I was commissioned by an anonymous man who planned to take credit for the work. I died before it was finished
  • I also studied in Vienna under Haydn but left him because I did not like his teaching. I didn't write for entertainment, I wrote for emotion.
  • I liked to stick to the conventional views of the time. In my later years I tried to branch out and make changed to the way I wrote but the public was not extremely receptive to my later works. 
  • I did not get along well with people and did not do many commissioned pieces. I was told I wasn't easy to work with. in my later years I challenged conventional ideas of composers.
  • In my later years I fell ill and died while working on a piece. Unfortuneately during my time I was more popular for in my early years. Towards the end of my life, it seemed like I just blended in with the rest of the composers.
  • I started to go deaf when I was 29 but did not want to tell anyone for fear of it affecting their view of my work. I wrote in a programmatic manner in my later years and that is what I am better known for.