The Nature Walk: Trigonometry Edition
Updated: 2/1/2021
The Nature Walk: Trigonometry Edition

Storyboard Description

This is a comic strip where the main character takes a walk through nature and uses natural examples geometry, or more specifically, trigonometry to show people how much math can exist in our everyday lives,

Storyboard Text

  • The Nature Walk: Trig Edition
  • Made By: Simeon McCully
  • Hi, my name is Simeon and I'm going to show you around the wilderness just in case you get lost. Now, it's time to take this adventure "off-road!"
  • Here we are at Mini-Falls. Look at that beautiful tree over there. If you cant see it then let me help you. The tree is 40ft away from me and 25ft high. Using tan^-1 (25/40), you would have to look up 32.01 degrees higher than eye-level. Do you see it? Great! Now lets head down river!
  • x=32.01
  • 40ft
  • 25ft
  • This is a wide river, but how wide? Judging from the distance, that tree is about 10ft tall and those leaves are about 22ft away from the river bank. Plugging those numbers into a^2 + 10^2 = 22^2 will get us a=19.6. The river is approximately 19.6ft wide. Lets cross and continue our journey.
  • 22ft
  • x = 19.6ft
  • 10ft
  • 200ft
  • Wow! Just look at that dam! That there is the Great Naruto Dam. It's said that it stands 200ft tall and 300ft wide. If you were standing at one end of the dam, you would have to look 41.81 degrees down to see the opposite end of the dam.
  • 300ft
  • Now wasn't that just an informative nature walk. Now that you know your way around you'll be okay.Have a nice day!The End!