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Updated: 4/1/2020
science GT
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  • yup, population is all the organisms of one species, that live in the same area
  • hey mom, ins't that a whale?
  • yup, but if there is only one it can be called an organism
  • yeah, there are also communities, ecosystems, population, abiotic, and biotic
  • yeah, do you know what they are and what they mean
  • yes i do, a community is a group of more than one organisms that live in the same area
  • very good, but do you know what the rest of them are?
  • very good!
  • and, an ecosystem is a community that interact with their physical environment
  • well done.
  • and finally abiotic and biotic things are nonliving and living things
  • your right, i forgot about that, well thats the end of that lesson
  • now to go home, because its been a long day at the beach
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