Updated: 2/21/2021

Storyboard Description

Marco and his cat

Storyboard Text

  • Good night Cosmo...
  • Once upon a time there was a boy named Marco, who had a cat called Cosmo who he loved very much because he always kept him company
  • One day, in the morning, Marco got up to go to school, but he didn't see Cosmo where he had fallen asleep
  • ¡¿Where did Cosmo go?!
  • Marco was very surprised because Cosmo never hid anywhere, so he decided to look for him before going to school so as not to get worried
  • I have to find it, it has to be around here...
  • I can't give up, I have to find Cosmo
  • After a few minutes of searching, Marco decided that he was not going to stop seacrhing until he found his feline friend
  • Cosmo, for his part, was lost, but he knew he was not far from home, so he decided to wait for Marco to find him, since he had a feeling that Marco would not take long to find him
  • After a long 30 minutes, Marco managed to find Cosmo in a nearby garbage can, they returned home and everything returned to normal
  • Nice! I found you! I was very worried ...