Updated: 2/11/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Boudicca became leader of the Iceni tribe when the Romans invaded Britain.
  • 60 AD PrasutagusDIED!
  • Boudicca refused to give up land or pay taxes to the Romans
  • The Romans attack the throne and her followers.
  • The Iceni joined others and called themselves the Britons. They were at war now with the Romans.
  • The Britons burned down Colchester
  • The Britons then attacked Londinium and St Albans and killed lots of soldiers.
  • It was a bloody ferocious battle.
  • We won !!
  • The Romans won the battle after many soldiers from both sides were killed and lots of blood was shed.
  • the emperer is going to be so happy
  • Boudicca poisons herself so she isnt enslaved by the barbaric Romans
  • The Romans took over the land and the Iceni people and many others were enslaved.
  • yuk!!!