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Into the wild
Updated: 10/5/2020
Into the wild
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  • "I just graduated!"
  • On May 1990, They're was a student named Chris McCandless. He graduated from Emory University from Atlanta. He was those type of students that would follow the rules and have good grades. But after college he ended up taking a break because, he would study for hours.
  • When Chris visited his parents he was talking to them about him going on a trip during the summer. His parents said that it was fine but to visit them one more time before he left. Towards the end of June he made copies of his final grade and it was the last time his family ever heard about him.
  • Around August 1990, after his parents not hearing from Chris, they started to worry to they started driving to his apartment at school. When they got there, it was empty and saw the rent sign so they asked the manager and he said "he moved out around the end of June." But weeks before he started packing and moving his belongings and started his roadtrip.
  • Afterwards, Chris ended up driving to Lake Mead in Detrital Valley, between the mountains and ended up camping there. He started to collect and have everything like his belongings together. The Engine of his car started to fail because of the brown water around his car and he had nowhere to park his car because it was between the mountains.
  • When his car battery died he ended up walking to see if anyone would help him. But his car and License have expired and the car was uninsured too. He couldn't fix it because, he didn't want the Federal government to share about his point of view and his parents not to be contacted. So after that, he continued his odyssey by walking places by himself.
  • After days of Chris walking, he ended up starving himself so he started hiding some of his stuff. He hid his license plate, buried his hunting Rifle and other few things. He stacked up his files and money and put a match to it, watched it burn. After a while he died and his body was discovered weeks and months later.
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